Tuesday, 2 September 2008

G.C.S.E. & A' Level Exam Results

Those students of our College who had taken their G.C.S.E. & A’ Level Exams in Modern Greek this summer have now got their results.

The results are as follows:


.....Kiriakidou Demetra: A*
.....Nicholaou Christina: A*
.....Konstantinou Christalla: Α
.....Kyriakou Stephanie: B
.....Panagi Anthonis: C

AS Level:

.....Kapraras Polidefkis: Α
.....Markou - Parmar Andrea: Α
.....Pope Victoria: A
.....Souvalioti Alexia: Α
.....Souvalioti Marilina: A
.....Reissis Yiannis: Β
.....Christophorou Alexandros: Β
.....Dumanis Thanassis: C
A2 Level:
.....Pope Sophia: A

The sisters Souvalioti, Alexia and Marilina, who have got “A”s on the AS Level, were among the top ten students in the UK [total number of students: 186] who had got such a high mark (300/300) on this exam.
In the A2 Level out of 141 entries Sophia Pope was amongst the top ten who achieved the highest overall marks.
They all deserve our warmest congratulations on this excellent performance.

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